Exclusive designs with own patterns


Innovación en tejidos y materiales


Two collections per year


Selective and planned internationalization to maintain our premium positioning

Details, care and innovation. The terms which describe our premium firm, VAN-DOS

Two collections per year with all the season´s keys, into its particular Lady-Chic style.

VAN-DOS is the oldest Texvall Premium S.L.U. firm. Since it was born, we´ve taken care of every single detail, since brand´s own essence till final products. Thanks to an expert and independent team, VAN-DOS offers exclusive designs, fabrics´ innovation and unique patterns, each season.

VAN-DOS has a unique proposal at the market due to its exclusivity and great quality. A Spanish firm which also has known how to adapt to the new market´s trends, committed with a selected and sustainable growth. VAN-DOS has presence at several markets: Spain, Portugal, United Kingdom, Italy, Czech Republic, New Zealand and Japan, through exclusive multi-brand boutiques.

VAN-DOS is a Spanish Fashion firm committed with ethic and sustainable values of production and consume. We carefully select our providers and supervise our production. Texvall Premium S.L.U firms are social responsible and they´re committed with their employees, clients, customers and the society, in general, assuring a sustainable business model across all the value chain.


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