Our headquarters

Our headquarters are located in Madrid. Here, it is where Texvall Premium S.L.U has its central offices, independent showrooms per firm and collections, and more than 12,000 m2 warehouse.

40 professionals work in our teams: Business, Export, Design, Pattern designing, Marketing & Communication, e-commerce and Customer Service.

In order to assure the essence of each of our firms, we´ve separate and independent design´s teams. In total, 15 designers work closely together with our Patter Designing teams to create, try and ensure the highest quality of our garments, from the beginning to end of the process. Perfect finishing touches are the result to launch each season incredible collections.

Texvall Premium S.L.U has integrated a complete value chain around Fashion Business:

Independent design for firms, logistics, distribution, sales department and the best national and international clients network.

12,000 m2 warehouse in our headquarters The latest technology: Ironing, steaming and bagging automatic process. Hanging and folding service.

1Up to 16,000 units per day Fully digitalized and personalized Picking system.

Social responsible selection criteria for providers management.

Total orders traceability.

Agreements with special conditions to ensure the best delivery order service.


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